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Welcome  to the Web site of  author Alyce Joy Rininger. For decades, Alyce Joy has been writing and telling tales to her children and now, her grandchildren. Her first publication, Priceless Gems, a book of prayers for children, inspired her to continue writing. In her new series about Sprunetta Brunetta, a fairy nicknamed "Sprout" from the fictitious town of Spritesville, comes her first book KA-BOOM!

"I hope every child who reads my stories will look forward to each new adventure as Sprout becomes entangled in many, outrageous happenstances."  

She invite's you to pull up a comfortable chair, grab a favorite beverage and explore her writings.

Don't miss Sprout's next adventure in Alyce Joy's forthcoming  book, The Snookered Snookerdoodles coming soon!

See the schedule page for details.

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"KA-BOOM is a wonderful fairy tale for kids with a strong message. Most kids are scared of the unknown, but this story will teach the reader how to conquer fears and soar way beyond them...This book is a great story for kids of all ages. The reader will learn the importance of having hope and how to conquer fears of all kinds. In addition, kids will learn that fairies do indeed exist and that they're not so bad after all because they can help kids fulfill their dreams. What a wonderful message for kids!"

Irene Roth, Book Reviewer July 24, 2012

"This is a fun book. It uses fantasy to create a sense of reality for children. The characters are colorful and invite children to create their own vision of what they look like. Some of the words are long and may require explanation, but the result is that they add to the story. A very readable book!"

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